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Sagehen outreach includes:

...Education Facility at Sagehen...

View our calendar to read abstracts of ongoing & upcoming research & education projects at Sagehen.

Day and overnight use of the resource and facilities are permitted. To visit Sagehen, each group, project, or use must:
  1. Complete an on-line use-application; once application is approved by Station Manager...
  2. Read this information prior to arrival. Questions? Try this page.
  3. Agree to, complete, and sign a waiver form for each visitor (Spanish version available, too).
  4. Deliver signed waivers to Station Manager prior to or upon arrival.

Station facilities are available year round. Winter programs present more of an access challenge as the two miles of road from Hwy 89 to the station are sometimes not plowed in winter. CalTrans plows parking areas just off of Hwy 89 and snowmobiles, skis and other forms of snow travel equipment are used to access the station.

Winter lodging capacity is reduced to about 25 persons, with significantly higher day-use capacity. Facility use is scheduled on a space available basis. Current use includes UC & other college courses, agency group training, seminars, retreats and K-12 classes.

A variety of field and laboratory equipment is available, including extensive environmental monitoring sites throughout the basin.

Additional on-site educational aids include:

  • Line electricity
  • T-1 internet service
  • Computer & GIS lab (10-PCs, 1-Mac. printers, plotter, scanner)
  • TV, VCR, sound system, screens, white boards
  • Projectors (LCD, slides, overhead)
  • Classrooms (2 indoor, 1 outdoor)
  • Dedicated K-12 Campus
  • Fish observation facility
  • On-site field researchers for periodic student interaction

...See Map and directions (286K). 11-30-02   Information Sheet (323K). 5-20-03and/or our Facilities page for more details.

The Sagehen Creek Field Station Manager is also the point of contact for educators seeking information regarding these other reserves of the Central Sierra Field Research Stations group: Chickering American River Reserve, North Fork Associated Lands & Onion Creek Experimental Forest.


Sagehen's Education Tools...

Sagehen's Adventure - Risk - Challenge Summer Literacy outreach program.

We've added a Wiki for working with local teachers to share resources, like web-based technology to communicate their projects.

Take a look & add your thoughts [get password from Station Managers].


Sagehen teaching collections include birds, mammals, insects, botany, wet.

Sagehen Basin Biological Inventories. If you are trying to ID plants and animals in the Sagehen basin, you can help yourself narrow the possibilities down by using our biological inventories that list everything that lives in the basin (well, everything we know about, anyway).

Other useful ID tools include:

Sagehen Photo Collection. A library of images of environmental science, free for education use.

Popular press & research publications.


Multi-media: news blog, science blog, podcast, videos, fish-cam. Sagehen TV

Wildfires affect communities around the world. This online toolkit provides interactive, science-based tools to help homeowners, decision-makers, and researchers better understand where wildfires occur and how to protect homes and neighborhoods, as well as get up-to-the-minute wildfire news.

Fire Toolkit

wildlife Sagehen is a partner in the Highway 89 Stewardship Team. This toolkit can be used to creatively solve challenges associated with highways.

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